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Zahir Is A DREAM!

Zahir is a dream! I had such a wonderful session with him via Skype. His energy and general being was so calm, wonderful & present. Truly a joy to speak with. I’ve been raving about the reading since last week and I absolutely recommend him to all and everyone. THANK YOU !!!!

Colin Tosh

I Am At Peace

Zahir’s reading was such a treat. His intuitive style permeated the hour, and I was so appreciative of his well-prepared and thoughtful presentation. As a regular consumer of his weekly broadcasts on YouTube, I was pleased to discover that his personality shone through even more brightly one on one. He was generous with his time, patient with my reflections on his reading, and enthusiastic for his work. He gave me several gifts through his insights, and I look forward to utilizing them over the coming decade. Thank you!